• John was a guest speaker for a marketing workshop I taught. He has an amazing ability to simplify and easily explain marketing concepts. He understands the strategic and tactical levels of marketing and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend you use him as your Rent-A-Marketing-Manager guy. You will be glad you did.

  • Kirk Davis
    Certified Small Business Advisor
    Green River Community College

  • I recently met with John Robertson of Topside Marketing to discuss marketing/bizdev. John knows how people think! He used that background to engage me in a way that truly demonstrated the method to marketing madness. Marketing generally frustrates and confuses me. John saw that right away and worked with me in a way that provided clarity and depth. John works more as a mentor to guide you to the right answers - to light the 'path for success' and provide a map. Now I'm less confused and more confident = WIN! Thank you! Excellent value!
  • David Busby
    Edoceo IT Services 
  • I met John a couple of weeks ago. He had great advice for our business and is very knowledgeable in his field. When I applied his techniques we obtained 2 more clients.He really has a way of looking into your situation and helping you achieve your goals.Thank-you John, I plan on using your service more as our business grows.
    Cheryl Lane
    Jantech Office Cleaning

    I am writing this letter to express my total satisfaction with Topside Marketing. In particular, the Competitive Intelligence Report that you prepared for Kontact Software has exceeded our expectations and is well worth the cost.

    We are impressed with the speed with which you researched and prepared the report, as well as the depth and breadth of the report itself.
    Demonstrating our confidence in your work, we have incorporated a summary of the Competitive Intelligence Report into the Kontact Software business plan.

    Robert C. Kircher, Jr.
    President / CEO
    Kontact Software, Inc.

    You've been such a tremendous help to the Andale team. I really appreciate
    the flexibility you've shown...and the quick turnaround on the projects we've been giving you.

    Heidi Le Vell
    Product Evangelist
    Andale.com, Inc.

    Hiring Topside Marketing for competitive market analysis early in our  business development was an excellent choice.  Their comprehensive, intelligent, nuanced thinking sped our decision-making through critical elements of positioning, partnership strategy and overall market composition.  For future market research needs, there is no question where my first call will go.

    Katrina Glerum
    CEO, Neverset Productions
    Producers - Travatar.com