• Market Research
    Surveys, focus groups, strategic marketing plans and much more. Consider the following questions:

    • Will your product or service actually sell?
    • If not, WHY not?
    • Who is your target market?
    • How will you reach them? What are their needs, their wants and their preferences?
    • How can you start marketing your product or service right away ?
    • How much should you expect to spend on marketing your product?
    • How much of your product or service can you expect to sell in the next year?
    • Where should you advertise and what can you do to improve the odds that your advertising will work?
    • What sizes, colors and other options work for your product or are most needed by your public?
    • How can you make your product safer, more user-friendly or that elusive quality...."cooler"?

      These questions and many more can be answered with Market Research using Topside's knowledgeable staff and professional methodologies. The process of creating your marketing roadmap is streamlined, crosschecked and verfied correct. Success doesn't happen by accident...

  • Competitive Analysis
    Other businesses that also do what you do aren't the only kind of competition you may face. Our competitive analysis and strategy is modeled on the work of Dr. Michael Porter, Professor of Business Strategy at the Harvard School of Business and his Five Forces model. There are many, many factors involved in creating strategic competitive advantage; keeping up with what other companies in your industry may be doing is only one of them. Let Topside help you create Competitive Intelligence that is not just a project - it is an ongoing business process and a comprehensive system supported by every member of your staff and all of your customers as well.