The "Rent-A-Marketing-Manager" Concept

Most small businesses really need the services of a professional, experienced marketing manager, but most can't afford to
hire one full time. They usually have an outside web guy or gal in one corner, sometimes an outside copywriter,
maybe someone doing graphic design and maybe another person WAY off in left field working on publicity
and sending out occasional press releases. Once in a Blue Moon the whole company drops everything for a day
or a week and goes off to a trade show, fair or some other event. Responsibility for finding new marketing opportunities,
coordinating and managing the marketing currently being done and maintaining consistency often falls to YOU
the Owner, your spouse, or no one at all.

Why "Rent-A-Marketing-Manager" Works:

We work hourly or by the project.
No long-term obligations.
(That being said, we DO have several current customers who have stayed with us since "day one" back in 1998).
We can exercise a genuinely exterior perspective
on your business, your company and your industry, seeing both problems and
opportunities that you as an owner may be "too close to" for real understanding.
We help you strategize and figure out:;
"where to start" for new businesses,
"what to do next" for more established ones
"where to go from here" for small businesses that want to be large businesses.
We can help fill the gaps in your overall marketing plan:
providing services in most of the subdisciplines of marketing that you might not be taking
full advantage of; creating more customers, more business and more revenue for you.